Today, it seems we are living in a different world with most people who are enormously harsh and devilish. What is going on in this world today? We sometimes ask, what type of life is this!  Some people are complaining about how to solve problems which fall on their laps unexpectedly and how would they succeed upon unbearable struggles, setbacks, battles, and turmoils. 



Let us compare retrospective years of over  30 to 40 years ago to today?

I sincerely wish the world could be filled with more tranquility, peace, and love as we had back then in the 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s. What a sweet life we had back then. Though we never had wide exposure to experiences of technology like we have today, we still enjoyed a loving life among good people. It wasn’t as bad as the years of our forefathers who had no Television but we enjoyed ourselves without fear of terrorism or killings. I do not wish our youths any pain as we must continue to be their good role models.  Do you ask yourself this; what has the world turned to? We do know that people have the tendency to change but it is too much.



In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, people enjoyed reading and writing more, unlike today when majority entangle in abbreviations, devices, and computer. There were abundant of literature books, mathematical books, historical books, scientific books, knowledgeable books, journals, cartoons, religious books, and novels in there various sequences in libraries.

Exposure to the word ‘SEX was zero as we respected that sacred word. There was not one incident over those three decades 1970s, 1980s or 1990s, where anyone exposed nudity of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend publicly. Today, even on daytime Televisions, you can watch a couple discuss sex-life freely.

We trusted each other more unlike today which made relationships better. In respect to a relationship, it was uncomplicated and valued back then, people trusted each other more. In fact, the divorce rate was minimal and not prominent, unlike today.

Transportation was cheaper but don’t forget that today, people can easily move around with the different types of transports. People walked more back then.

Mobile phones today have made life easier, this reminds me of when I lost contact with a guy I dated back then due to the fact that we couldn’t reach each other on the phone. Don’t forget the old fashion phone with a padlock that comes as a dialing box (smiles). Very rare in those days. We also, know how mobile phones have replaced almost everyone’s activities today!

When you look outside at night in those days, you would see a bright moon in the sky which brightened the whole street, unlike today where you have to watch pitch black skies revealing a faint moon… The sun was brighter than today as well.

Fewer people were poor as resources and foods were quite affordable.

Let me remind you that most of the youths of today are disasters compared to how we were raised with discipline and respect for our parents, teachers, and elders. 

When we were growing up in the 1970s,1980s, and 1990s, we never had any technological games like today where your choice is overcrowded by numerous latest gadgets and devices. We unbelievably enjoyed playing with sand, teddy bears, grass, water, kite, paper boats, football, and any little toy. We hardly complained if our friends broke our toys (we loved each other).

Over 90% of our musicians back then dressed fully by covering up, but today, more than 60% of young people and grown-ups prefer to exhibit themselves with fewer clothes (not judging, just pointing out)!  Back then, music was meant to strengthen, empower and make you happy, not promote sex, profanity or hate message like we hear today (though some songs today are good to the ears).

My fear is, what have we laid down for our young people? How do we bring back value, respect, morale, morals, trust, and peace? Where has true love gone? Wishing the world more peace, unity, and love!






The world today

The world is full of inconsiderate and devilish people who enjoy blackmailing, bullying, killing and maiming innocent people. They enjoy watching others cry, but why? It baffles me where they all came from.  They have polluted the world today, leaving some places difficult to visit. This same world was very peaceful in the 1970s, 1980s and even early 1990s as you could read from above. Who caused so much menace many people face today and what is the way forward to a peaceful life? 

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