Not all bright faces mean some people are happy. Do you know that some people aren’t even appreciated for their good work or implementation? Some people get worried about not being appreciated but it will not kill you, since you are moving forward, don’t worry if you are not being appreciated. Rather, focus on how to be a better person. Only a few people will appreciate you but just be yourself!


Accept your situation or problem but be a better person

Note that if you are contented, it makes a lot of things easier. That starts from your mindset up to solving each problem which comes a very long way. There is no news that everyone faces struggles, including the wealthy successful people and those who aren’t. The difference is that one struggle is heftier than the other. some existing problems alone are not easy but one has to handle with care. Try solving one after the other without dwelling on the past but rather moving forward to achieve your goals. Telling people to stop thinking about their problem alone will not help but rather put them through a guideline on how to solve their existing problem.




How do you solve your problem?

The first thing to do is to calm down, you will be okay. Stay calm and read educative, motivational and inspirational blogs and books. Attend positive networks where experts give lectures or seminars on the best strategy towards solving problems (some are free)! Read a self-help blog that guides you on how to remain motivated during challenges and how to boost your motivation during challenges.

Few points in solving your problems

You need decision making, researching, creativity and emotional intelligence skills to solving a problem. I will discuss each of the main four skills in my next blog. Problems are divergent and it also depends on the heftiness.  Personally, I take note of that biggest problem first after I already accepted that it is a problem. If there is another problem lesser than that, it will remain on the top list as my priority while the lesser one becomes number two. List the options of resolution down which you will take note of accordingly. Which of these options can you afford first, and how soon can you sort it? If it is a health problem, speak to your doctor, follow your doctor’s advice, take your medication on time, drink enough water and exercise wisely. If it is marital or relationship problem, allow your mind to heal first before starting a new relationship to read clear signs of compatibility and avoid another heartbreak. Read your favoirite books, motivate yourself, and get involved in your favourite outdoor and indoor activities. Speak to a counsellor if those problems are unbearable. Evaluate the problems, while you search for its root and prevent a recurrence. If it is a big debt, approach your bank to find out what support you can get with debts or overdraft, to begin with. Cancel any direct debit or standing order to avoid incurring more debts at the bank, then speak to the company or individual but make arrangements you can stick to. It will help to add an extra job if you are able to work. 

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