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You can become whatever you want to become, when you focus . Says, Tinu Odunuga

I am who I am today, knowing vividly that I made choices which would have been made differently today had been, it’s possible to turn the clock back. Don’t dwell on your past because you can move on to be a better person.

Smiles. By Tinu Odunuga.

When you see the good in yourself, people see that too. When you disbelief your strength, it becomes a barrier to forge ahead knowing people will never believe in you. So, believe in yourself! Smiles. By Tinu Odunuga.

There’s nothing as sweet and fulfilling as loving the right person who loves you even more, regardless your shortcomings. Smiles. Tinu Odunuga.

Wherever you find yourself today or whatever bothers you, I can assure you that some people are really crying to be like you. Be appreciative. Free your mind and walk in to your progress. Smiles. Tinu Odunuga.

Face those tough tasks and prove to yourself that you are up to it. Don’t impress irrelevant people because you can never be good to everyone. Smiles.   Tinu Odunuga.

No matter how you look, smell, talk, walk or behave there is one person who will love you for you without complaining about anything other than loving your bad habits or mistakes sincerely. You will be embraced even if you live in a small hole or wear cheap flocks! When you are with the wrong one, your kindness and sweetness will be addressed as, desperate or needy, so be glad for being with the right one because it is rare. If you are not yet with the right one, it will not take long. Smiles. Tinu Odunuga.

In the past, we fell but were given the grace to rise. Today, we can only swerve but never fall like before. What an experience in life. Don’t give up on that hard situation or issue which softens once you rise and face it with a hopeful heart. Smiles. Tinu Odunuga.


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