The Tinu Tino Talk Show

Nigerians open up on Street talk with Tinu Odunuga.

Your Health Matters with Tinu Odunuga.

6 domains of health (6D of health by DR James Alegbeleye) with Tinu Odunuga.

Encouraging discussion with Tinu Odunuga.

The Tinu Tino Talk Show


Tinu Tino talk show Aka Tinoshow is an award-winning TV & radio show which has been consistent for fifteen glorious years.

Tinu Tino Talk Show is a choice in an industry that hates it. You’re why we create Tinu TinoShow.

TV is one of the world’s most important means of communication. It gives us informative, educative, as well as entertainment programs such as news, documentaries, interviews, sports events, lifestyles, economics, and politics. Tinu TinoShow is a show as a meeting place for Africans in Diaspora and Africans at home. It’s a place to examine Africa’s past, present, and most importantly, a new Africa – AFRICA TOMORROW. Including, Blacks living home and abroad!

Africans in the Diaspora and Blacks can share their story here. Magnitude Africans in Diaspora would like to support or implement in their country, this is a good opportunity to boldly share experiences which went well or did not end well while trying to develop their community. Let’s use this platform to highlight issues/problems some people are facing home and away. This is not meant for Africans and Blacks only, it is only to emphasize multiple problems faced by Africans and Blacks which is pushing some African countries to blatant farming. Regardless of your ethnicity, race or color, we all can contribute. We are one!

Welcome and thank you all!




Our Aims and Goals

Evoking confidence in young people
Seeing freedom of speech in Africa where a voiceless person can be bold enough to reject any ill
Employment for unemployed people
Government hospitals to be equipped and accessible for people on low income or less advantaged
Black businesses to be patronized by blacks/Africans
Unity and peace among people
Women to be appreciated and respected not to be assaulted or abused
Expressing agape love to all
Encouraging people to empower each other through acquirements and enhanced understanding.

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