My name is Tinu Odunuga, I produce, and host Tinu Tino Talk (Tino Show), an award-winning television talk show dedicated to showcasing prominent professionals who have positively impacted our society at every level. I am a great communicator, motivational speaker, seasoned TV & radio presenter, strategic planner, promoter, anchor-person, voice-over artist, and writer.I hold a BA degree in Human Resources, Personnel, and Business Management.

Our TV show is aired on many channels: CHANNEL 7(CH7), Sky Channel 182, U.K and MITV (DSTV 255, GOTV, STARTIMES) & live streaming.

I am very passionate about my work. My duties: motivating, empowering, and inspiring all those who come across my path and carry an air of happiness about me that just captivates the audience and lifts the mood of those around me. Certainly, I know my onions.

To hire: Our services include marketing, promotions, and advertising business and services. Event coverage for corporate or presidential events, Voiceover, Anchoring events, Self-development schemes, Organising events and seminars, Organising youth empowerment programs & strategic forum discussions, Delivering a motivational and inspiring speech, and various type of advertisement opportunities.

Our Aims and Goals

  • Evoking confidence in young people.
  • Seeing freedom of speech in Africa where a voiceless person can be bold enough to reject any ill
  • Employment for unemployed people
  • Government hospitals to be equipped and accessible for people on low income or less advantaged
  • Black businesses to be patronized by blacks/Africans
  • Unity and peace among people
  • Women to be appreciated and respected not to be assaulted or abused
  • Expressing agape love to all
  • Encouraging people to empower each other through acquirements and enhanced understanding.

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