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It Can Be Difficult To Find A Good Friend

Hello and Welcome!

Keep On Going – Until You Succeed!

The Things You Complain About, Some People Are Craving For

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Hello and welcome

48-year old man hates muslims

Are you been bullied

Don’t give up

Draw a depressed person near

Health and hope

Keep smiling

Listen to what happened to bullies

Message of peace

Never judge by class, race or pocket size

Reciprocate good things

Who can advise on relationship or marriage

Be careful who you interact with on social media

Nudity is sacred………respect it

Names of victims who lost their lives in Grenfell tower

What matters is, who you have turned yourself into

The things you complain about, some people are craving for

Keep going on, until you succeed

Not everyone will see the best in you

Distinguish a reasonable person from an unreasonable one

Never lie to that person who, profess his or her love to you

Don’t depend on someone else’s time

Don’t be blinded by a wrong choice

Believe in your dreams and talent

Don’t be allowed to be pulled back

Poor and rich. Men & women on earth

I faced a bully while in school & won (Be careful what you dish out)

Khadija died

Khadija Saye, died among other innocent tenants of Grenfell tower; North Kensington London. On June 14th 2017 three hours after the fire broke out.

Grenfell 24 storey building caught fire

Female Mutilation & ED

Why push a good partner or spouse away?

Cladding used for Grenfell tower was banned

Difficult to find a good friend

6-month old baby Leena Belkadi  & others died in Grenfell fire

ED & Female mutilation. Understand your partner

Remove council tenants and refurbish

Those who enjoy intimidating innocent people can lose out

Can you choose who you fall in love with

Let’s be good example

Life is for living

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