Sibling rivalry is common among many families these days. Let us read the story below and leave our comments here.

Three brothers and a mum were going through hardship for many years until the eldest son decided to hustle for enough money to help him to travel abroad to seek greener pastures. Though, some people loaned him some more.

While he worked tirelessly without good accommodation or food, he kept saving enough to help him build a house comfortable for his siblings, mum, and him until he realized that they were scamming him. Being a family member doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be wicked. 

His brothers are now spending with such largesse, but he is still struggling abroad without knowing what the future holds for him back home as he is ready to leave Canada to return to his home in Africa.

Any advice, friends?
Siblings scammed their brother by lying that they were building a house for him for over 10 years until he finally realized they were lying. He has no legal documents to visit home yet. #tinutinoshow.

Let us be careful.



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