The former deputy president Ike Ekeremadu, 60, his wife, Beatrice Nwanneka, 56, and the doctor (middleman), Dr. Obinna Obeta, 50 have been found guilty of modern-day slavery in a kidney harvesting plot.

The story begins

Mr. and Mrs. Ekeremadu were so desperate in getting a kidney donor for their daughter who is severely facing a kidney condition. As the search for a kidney donor for their 25-year-old daughter went awry, the parents decided to go for a quicker yet illegal way of deceptively inviting a 21-year-old street trader who used his wheelbarrow to sell mobile phones somewhere in Nigeria. They believed that he would be easily lured into this scam.

According to the victim, he never had an idea of what they wanted to do to him until he arrived at the hospital with the surgeon who was asking questions to make sure the medical procedure was followed accurately before the operation. That was when the boy voiced out that he was tricked into coming to the United Kingdom to enjoy the benefits of greener pastures. This led to the maltreatment the boy claimed he faced before he notified the police. He said sometimes he slept on the streets.

Though they promised him £7.000 as a reward. 

At the court today, the Ekweremadus’ daughter Sonia, 25, who has a serious kidney condition, wept as she was cleared of the same charge.

Organ harvesting in the U.K. attracts at least 10 years in jail; the alleged offence involves removing the kidney or organs against the victim’s will. The legal way is okay and accepted once both parties meet a mutual agreement. 

The private procedure would have cost £80,000 at London’s Royal Free Hospital. 

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