Sex trafficking and modern-day slavery are prevalent in Nigeria due to poverty, desperation, and unemployment.

Its negative effect is the death of those Nigerian girls, whose bodies were found as they were trying to reach Italian coast. They were sexually abused and murdered.

Sad to hear about the death of 26 Nigerian girls whose bodies were floating on Mediterranean sea. Teary to even imagine those girls were between the ages of 14-18 used as sex workers  probably in Libya.

Some people are exposed while running an illegal business in Nigeria.

Some are from China, Italy, Nigeria and other countries with hideous agencies in Nigeria where underage girls are recruited to join supposedly successful teams in Libya or Italy. Unfortunately, those girls will find themselves in some Arabian countries, Italy or Libya where they are used as sex slaves and domestic slaves. The worst of the story is where they are given measly pay.


Close down all dubious  agencies and companies in Nigeria to save our girls

Some girls did complain that those agencies will invite them over to model abroad but when they arrive overseas, they become sex slaves who are forced to abuse substance and alcohol, while they practice repugnant sexual acts on multiple men a day. 

Their family would have been threatened or introduced to ‘juju’ which is a kind of voodoo to bind an oath between the trafficker, victim, and family.

I heard stories from some victims sometimes ago, while I watched live video of another victim who cried out. A few months ago, a girl sent her story with tears to social media with the intention to warn parents and victims of danger involved.

 Among those girls, were  400 migrants. Isn’t that alarming? 

Nigerian government should intervene.

Rest in peace poor girls.


Rosey · 9 November 2017 at 6:47 PM

Sadly our children are being abused, kidnapped and murdered often with the complicitous knowledge of governments who should be safeguarding and protecting their citizens.
May those girls haunt and torment every one of those beasts involved! ASE??

    TinuTino · 13 November 2017 at 1:57 PM

    Yes, what goes around comes around.

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