The global economic recession has led workers to be laid off from work and increased unemployment which has led many families to feel unhappy or depressed.

Some people are feeling hopeless to the extent that they are unsure of where tomorrow will lead them. Please, read this blog if you are feeling low due to money problems.  You are not alone. 

You will know if you are capable of helping someone who needs your help, try to help them.

If you believe in prayer, this is the time to pray even harder than before. I believe in prayer that can only be answered through the power of God almighty who created you and me. Prayers will not allow you to fail woefully or fall into the pits of enemies.

Be careful not to become vulnerable to the wrong people who have negative intentions and might want to pry on you. They might come in a deceptive way to support your dreams or partner with you, but at the end of the day, you realize that they are scammers.

Methods that help me focus

Firstly, remain focused with a mind of expectation by depending on your qualities

Don’t allow anyone to kill your joy by saying, you can’t plan when you have no money, it is called visualization. You need to work hard, yet plan ahead

Cut your costs and spending, and allow bills and responsibilities to become your priorities, not irrelevant spending

Home cooking is healthier and cheaper than buying from a shop or restaurant. Cut down takeaways. I never said cancel it.

Establish a budget that you stick to

Assuming you have been buying your food during office lunchtime, it is time you take your sandwiches or cooked food with you. This reduces spending

Try to prepare a savings goal, so that you will start putting some money aside for raining day

Take note of your spending then, list your income and expenditure to see which isn’t relevant to buy or retain

Above all, with God everything becomes possible. Please, remember your creator will never forget you. Whatever you are doing or selling, focus on the good result instead of reminding yourself of past mistakes or failures.

A negative circle plus negative thought will never leave your mind free except if it adds sadness. This means that you should remain happy and positive, not negative.

I wish you well.

Share and send us photos or videos on how you cut down on spending, like food. Which of my pieces of advice did you pick?


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