What are the four ways to get rid of negative thoughts? You cannot always fail!

The first thing we need to take note of is the circle of people we belong to. You see, when we are in the clique of happy people who aren’t toxic or negative, our thinking and mood will be positive. The people we move with really matters a lot, especially our behavioural patterns. There are a few reasons why some people aren’t happy at all, except for having negative thoughts. It could be due to an economic problem, not knowing how to solve their problems, bad relationship, mental health problem which might have left them to feel despondent or any other reason. Whatever the case may be, we can help them by talking to them, listening to them, advising them about counsellors, or introducing them to read this blog which points out how to relieve their mind from negativity. 




I have carefully stated about four points to help us understand how we can keep off from thinking negatively

Don’t forget that the first step to take is thinking about yourself and wellbeing first. You matter a lot so that you will be able to support or help others too. If you are thinking positively, you would have the power, the grit, strength, self-esteem and not powerless. We sometimes have that normal negative thinking but I am referring to those who cannot control their negative thoughts.


Four points to help you get rid of negative thoughts

1, Take a break from whatever bothers your mind, then write down all those things which seems to overwhelm your mind. Tick each box and give yourself a time frame by writing top priority on top of the list. One after the other you need to tick the box once you have finished. Ask for assistance from whoever is close to you or speak to an advisor who can shed light. There are some skills for solving problems, focus on reading this blog for enlightenment. While you are focusing on your challenges by solving them one after the other, you need to have a positive mind that all will be solved soon. It matters to believe in yourself.

2, Move away from a negative group of people who will only add more to your problem but move with people who can motivate and develop you. People who can inspire you should be those you move with. 

3, Take up extra activities that make you smile more, like going out with friends who make you laugh, your partner or spouse, networking, events or cinemas. Remind yourself of how important it is to be happy. Socialising with the right set of people really matters. You deserve that happiness which can flush out negative thoughts.

4, Visualising your achievements and counting your blessings: Do you know how imperative it is to write down your blessings, rewards, achievements, and goals? That will boost your expectations, knowing you can easily become better. Think of your great expectations by visualising and meditating on how beautiful those achievements will be. It is a hopeful assurance for you. 




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