It is not surprising that Boris Johnson likes to keep his private life secret, away from the camera. Like he did the last time when his neignbours complained about noises, disturbance, and swearing words from a supposed heated conflict between him and his girlfriend back then.

Yesterday, May 29 at Westminster Cathedral, both he and his fiancee tied the knot secretly with a maximum number of 30 guests including close family members. It was a small ceremony according to his spokesman.

The honeymoon and a ceremonious gathering will take place next year summer where most families and friends will be present. 

Don’t forget that during this pandemic, there are restrictions that prevent certain numbers of gathering. The maximum numbers are 30 people in any public place, which were the numbers present yesterday. 

He has already gone back to work as a hardworking man.

We wish both Mr. and Mrs. Boris Johnson a happy married life.





Roman Catholic church

Divorcees are not allowed to remarry in the catholic church, but as a 56-year-old man who has been married twice under a different church apart from catholic, he was able to remarry there.   Father Daniel Humphreys officiated the catholic ceremony.

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TinuTino · 30 May 2021 at 9:05 PM

Happy married life

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