Everyone feels special on their birthday,  which is why I am happy today. Yes, today is my birthday.  
Tinu Odunuga has come far in life, click this link to know more about me.
Apart from being  affable and a self-starter, I am filled with positivity and some secrets here in this blog has helped  me through.  

My birthday  prayer 

Today, May 28 is my birthday, glory be to God almighty!
It is a great privilege to be alive, well and fruitful today. As I Tinu, add another year from this hour, all that I lay my hands on shall be prosperous and blessed.
No weapon formed against my loved ones will ever prosper. I will eat the fruits of my labour and experience the best with my husband, children and grand children to be.
Thank you, for kind and caring birthday greetings.
My interests
Tinu loves sincerity as a hard working woman, with a kind heart.  I am productive,  straightforward, friendly with a bubbly personality but I do not tolerate nonsense.  
I love writing, cooking, creativity, thread mill, country-side  walk,  talking constructively and playing golf. 


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