Greetings friends,
I would like to introduce this new group to you where we would be exhibiting our kindness towards humankind while we move closer to God.
My name is Tinu Odunuga, I was brought up in a Cheruphim and seraphim church, Ayo ni o,  but when I returned to the united kingdom 37 years ago, I joined more pentecostal churches than C&S churches.
It has got to the point where I return to my root which is the C&S gathering. This group is called C&S Gospel, the gospel refers to the word of God. The activities and aims can be read below. We would invite religious leaders to discuss encouraging topics. Everyone is invited!
This is where we freely teach and learn more about Christianity, as well as listen to problems that we might try to solve sometimes.
Please be free to express reasonably without any hidden intention. No derogatory comment or bullying will be tolerated.
I would like us to come up with suggestions or strategies on how to help those people who are really in need with hospital bills, support with their children’s school fees, accommodation, high bills, or feeding. Also, those in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.
My group was called Tinutinoshow progressive group 1 & 2 until last night when I decided to create a Christian group after receiving a wonderful message. Group 1 will be deleted in a few days’ time while group 2 remains, kindly click Group 2 to join.

I had a charity that helped provide food, books, and clothes to some motherless homes, hospitals, clinics, prisons, and expectant mothers in the past. Not forgetting some people on the streets, but today, I frequently give alms.
Let’s give alms as frequently as we can.

Activities of this group

  1. Moving closer to God
  2. Praying
  3. Singing
  4. Discussing the word
  5. Winning souls to God
  6. Charity
This will give me the opportunity to move closer to God, my creator, serve Him more, and help within communities.
Before I log out, let me inform you that I am not a pastor but I am a believer of Christ who enjoys singing, praying, and giving to the needy when I can. Don’t think I am pious, no, I am a sinner who wishes to move closer to God.
I welcome you all.

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TinuTino · 23 January 2023 at 3:28 PM

This is very encouraging.

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