Firstly, remove the notion that you can never become enhanced without someone lifting you up. That is a negative thought that will not take you far. Not all people need help, some people do sincerely need uplifting.

You can become a prosperous person if you are consistent, courageous, and focused. These three qualities will take you far. Now, if you are struggling with any problem that overpowers you, try to read more on problem-solving skills to resolve them, it might help. We all face one problem or the other which can’t be handled similarly by people. A problem that seems hefty to you might look like a light feather to someone else, it means we think divergently, not synonymously.


The effect of showing love or compassion to someone in pain

When someone is facing hard times, it is unhealthy to mock them or gossip about their pains or problems, rather show love, care, or compassion. Showing love, care or compassion will uplift their spirits, enhance their self-esteem, and will encourage them to become positive.

These days, we hear a lot about some people who try to take their own lives but can we explain why? If it was so easy for them to diagnose their own problems, they wouldn’t lose hope in the first place. This is where you and I will come in to give a listening ear as well as encouraging them to speak to therapists who can make huge amendments.

“A burden shared is a problem halved”. T.A Webb.

Points to notice and some effects of showing compassion or care

Firstly, you can evaluate alternatives by talking to them, educating them, or sharing relevant links

Speak to them about  motivational advice and self-development and show them blogs like this to read 

Give hope to people facing any problem through your kind words and deeds

Showing kindness will continue to open room to possible avenues that will elevate plans

Help them find solutions by introducing them to the right group or link on the internet

Helping others will encourage them by lifting up their self-esteem



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