You need decision making, researching, creativity and emotional intelligence skills to solving a problem. I will discuss each of the main four skills in this blog as I promised in how to solve your problem blog  Problems are divergent and it also depends on the heftiness but we need to solve that problem or those problems at the end of the day. Don’t forget that when we dwell on our past mistakes, it takes us back sometimes if we do not swiftly move away from unproductive thoughts. One way or the other, there must be ways to handle problems, while we follow the main four problem-solving skills which will be discussed now.





What are the main four problem-solving skills?

Decision-making skill: It is very crucial to make decisions wisely, as some decisions might leave a lifetime mark which might not be easy to change. Such hefty decisions can be life-changing as you will need to decide on who to choose as a business partner, who will be your spouse or what school or college will your child eventually attend. Ask yourself this question, what is the cause of your problem and which problem-solving method will you adapt to? The decision will determine how successful the outcome is. Bear in mind that there would be alternatives and loads of options. You need intuition which is the combination of your past experiences and enhanced values.  For example, you might make a decision to work longer hours, so that you will earn more money to pay off your debts, mortgage or so. Think deeply before making a decision!

Researching skills: The first thing that comes to mind after you determine what the problem is will be researching. Yes, you will research several options in solving problems including stories from previous people who solved their problems easily, blogs that gives a guide on how to cope during hardships, tutorials from experts and a way forward. You can also do rigorous research projects.

Creativity skill: You can start improvising by putting one or two things together until you come up with a perfect picture in your mind. What can you do about this problem, ask yourself and use your discretion? Improvise and become creative since you know a lot. You might do a Google research where can listen or read from some people who give you a clue on how to become creative. Make sure you do not copy others as we handle situations differently. Solving problems can be systematically or intuitively resolved, but it can also be resolved with your smartness or experience. Being self-motivated can make this easy.

Emotional intelligence skill: Emotional intelligence can guide you through problem-solving methods as you can recognise, control your emotions, and control the impact it has on people around you. People with high emotional intelligence are likely to handle problems well and find it easy to cope in groups. Also, you are not likely to feel depressed over little problems, knowing the qualities are entrenched in you. There is another advantage of being emotionally intelligent which makes you capable of handling and managing stress easily because you understand your psychological state. Your mind will be focused on solving the problem. For example, you will know how to manage your funds or, you can easily decide on what needs to be avoided without feeling much strain from its restrictions.


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