Most of us have been in that situation where we feel low because things seem to slow down. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you feel you are not getting results but just failed results. At times projects might be slow, hardships might be overpowering, the business might be dull or even plans might not go your way. The worst is you facing criticism and negative people who only see your failures and faults. If you take those to heart by believing them all, it means you will almost break down completely. Although there are some people who will be happy to break you, you must not fall for that. Mix with nice people who appreciate you, who will encourage you and those who will see your good side. Move with people who tell you how great you look. 


Don’t feel low, pick yourself up

That’s the first easiest sentence to say but it doesn’t change that person immediately you advise them. Although, some people have completely lost morale or self-esteem to the extent that all that matters is absolutely nothing. No, nothing matters anymore, which is why some people are driven to suicidal thoughts which eventually pushes them to take their own life. That is so unfortunate. There are steps to take but the first important step is seeking help from a psychologist who can sit with them and help them. On the other hand, we come across some people who have lost the strength to carry on because situations were once good until responsibilities became overbearing for them. Try not to look down on yourself, but take it as an experience to improve you which will rebuild you as you work harder. Remain self-motivated and developed.

Start thinking positively

The first thing to do apart from moving with good people is to also think good about yourself

Remember how good you wish to become in the near future.

Face your challenges boldly and start working towards them

Write down all your good plans and revisit frequently until you execute each and every one of them

Think of your vision and allow it to relax you

Attend motivational and inspirational classes

Read inspiring books 

Listen to stories of those who once lost hope but  are now successful

Tell yourself you will make it (Be positive)

Meditate on what motivates you, like your passion? 

Look for your strength and move on

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