It is so great to be a happy person, isn’t it? Remember that some people are never happy at all, except for being toxic and negative. If you are that person or you know such a person, perhaps you will need to read this blog. Share and comment even though you do not know such a person.  A negative person who never thinks positive of others or things, except to condemn or kill your happiness always is a toxic person. Such a person shouldn’t be chosen as friends since the person will discourage you from getting yourself motivated and developed. If you mistakenly seek advice about your dreams or projects, such person will never see any positive vision except to pull you down or discourage you. Any little discussion will lead to escalated one. Some negative people are mean-spirited without an iota of the focus of happiness in them, hence the reason for killing the joy of others.  Today, we discuss how toxic people can become better.





For reasons why toxic people are the way they are, read this useful blog below.


How toxic people can become better and positive 

The first step to take is to detox yourself from negativities by seeking counselling and following the steps stated below in this blog. This also will help you turn your life around from sad to becoming happy. Once you know you hurt people’s feelings frequently, try to adjust. Ask yourself this question, why do you contribute sadness to the lives of those innocent people all the time? If possible, seek medical advice on how to adjust yourself like ‘talking therapy’ from a counsellor or a therapist who will listen to you. There’s no need in getting bitter or jealous when your friend is succeeding in life more than you. Learn to be contented with whatever you have.


Steps to take if you want to allow a peaceful life without toxicity

1, Move away from a negative clique and join positive networking where you are free to express yourself, your happiness and dreams without being condemned or imposed on.

2, Be happy with your achievements and look forward to more.

3, Speak to counsellors about any unpleasant thoughts which might make you hate or despise good people. Address the core problem which makes you unhappy about people.

4, Start classes and events to learn more about your flair or passion so that you will occupy your mind with positives until you achieve your goals

5, Put people’s feelings into consideration and try feeling their pains.

Let me know how you feel after reading this. Thanks for sharing and commenting. 


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