Being contented is not as if you shouldn’t strive or achieve further

Isn’t it right to be happy with yourself? When we refer to being happy with oneself, we can’t erase contentment and situation out. No, we can’t because it is imperative to accept yourself the way you are but never stop aiming high! Do not get me wrong at all, it doesn’t mean you should not forge ahead in life by working relentlessly to become better, it means you are bold to appreciate yourself the way it is. It is not possible to be happy with yourself if you are not contented anyway, as that will reduce your self-esteem. Being content will enable you to move on positively and hopefully in life, whereas, not being contented may push you to the wrong side of life where you might not be happy. It is a different thing to work harder in order to enhance your situation, but it is different from having a low spirit which leads to low self-esteem that sometimes makes you envy of those who are doing better than you. There is nothing wrong in hoping for a better life at all, remember that. Also, you should try not to mix complacent with contentment.


Reasons for being contented

1, When you are contented, you will be comfortable everywhere you go. Being comfortable truly makes you happy with everything you have, everywhere you go and whatever you are. 

2, Being contented will give you the peace of mind which enables you to entwine and network with valuable groups of people who appreciate you for being you. It makes life easy for everyone.

3, Boldness is one good reason to be contented. Yes, you will not be scared or embarrassed to boldly face life and situations as you will be satisfied with whatever you have. 


Discontentment comes with disadvantages

It is dangerous to be discontented, as it makes some people selfish, dangerous, toxic and jealous. they want things that do not belong to them. Some get so aggressive and bitter. It leaves room for negative thinking.





TinuTino · 17 June 2018 at 12:19 AM

One thing I love about myself is that I am so contented in life. It doesn’t mean I don’t strive or aim higher.

Oluwaseyi · 17 June 2018 at 11:41 AM

Well done Ma!

    TinuTino · 20 June 2018 at 3:20 PM

    Thank you! Smiles.

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