People who deliberately hurt good people are called negative people with sadistic behaviour, who are toxic! Sometimes in life, we meet people who show us that there are still some good people living on this planet. Apart from that, we do know the difference between good and bad, which is why we need to be careful with those people we mingle with. Negative people are so toxic, why do we need to move with them? It is better to open our eyes wide enough to make better decisions because some people are out there to remind you of your past mistakes, badmouth, and backbite. They daily take joy in hurting innocent people. Here’s how to turn your situations around. 




The trait of toxic people who hurt others and way forward

Let me give you an example of a negative person who is toxic. Such a person will never encourage you when you discuss a good project or dream, so you are better off keeping it to yourself until you execute. Stay calm and focused when people try to bring you down or when they hurt you. In fact, this blog on how to turn your life around during a bad situation will guide you through the way to move forward. Some negative people hurt good people because they are bitter and jealous of those people’s success. You might not be totally rich or wealthy, but as long as you have potentials and you are doing the right things, they will be jealous of you. Reasons, why some negative people spew their venom, do vary but it cannot be justified. As you read below, some reasons are stated. Meanwhile, this is a good read about why you need to Move away from a negative circle or clique. Try to motivate yourself by educating yourself, researching, using your intuition to make better decisions which will elevate you and also, try using your high emotional intelligence skill. These skills you will find here; problem-solving skills.


Reasons why some people hurt others 

Some people utter or do hateful, monstrous, or mean-spirited things purposefully or out of carelessness without remorse. Sometimes some people who are jealous of you will try to bring you down especially if they know they can’t beat you in the game. Again, some people who are not happy with themselves might say hurtful things to hurt you but it could either be inadvertently or deliberately. Either way, remember the recipient will not be laughing except being sad. It is wrong to hurt innocent people. On social media these days, a lot of unfriendly people are there to hurt others with words and threats. Some have carried out such threats to innocent people. Lack of education and good-upbringing can contribute to this behaviour. When they grow up in dysfunctional environments where they do not appreciate people and values, they tend to be negative people who hate seeing good people happy. Some feel better by putting others down. Some people who hurt others might have been hurt in the past, hence the reason why they shut their heart away from love or receiving disappointments except they enjoy hurting people. They become uncaring and filled with bitterness. It will be better to move away from such people. They have no love or care in themselves except hate, so beware of them. Read this educative blog on how you can cope during hard times, this might help. 

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