I have come a very very long way to get to where I am right now. Nothing is allowed to pull me back BECAUSE THERE IS NO LOOKING BACK! Don’t look back, just focus on that goal you are aiming for. Don’t dwell on those pains, rather look ahead and make yourself happy! Obviously, there are few challenges or unforeseen circumstances, but is there anything too much to be solved one day? I believe in my faith! 

Look forward, not backward 

“Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward.” HILARY CLINTON QUOTES.
You can make life more fruitful for yourself if you keep focused on your goals rather than mistakes or setback/s. Put the past behind you, while you hold on passion and hope. At first, it might not seem easy but it eventually gets better until you become an expert in your field. Make a list of your plans which you will tick one after the other. The first one is on the top of the list where you will determinedly go out to achieve. Get up and grab that opportunity. Try networking or events where you will be more informed on how to excel. Click this link on how to solve a problem. I find this very useful.

Looking forward can inspire you while looking back might get you depressed

Like we often hear, ‘everyone has a story’. That doesn’t mean all past stories are good or bad but since every one of us has made mistakes in the past, such a mistake will make you glad if you keep thinking about it. You can’t keep wallowing in pity rather think of positives which lie ahead. Get motivated.

Anticipation can also boost your hope

After a good input of hard-work, stressful projects, strategies, and good efforts, it is only reasonable to look forward in anticipation to vacation, weekends away, breaks, the solid package (money), time to relax, outings, or just time for yourself. That’s better than looking back to too many mistakes which can suppress your strength of hope, for a better future.

At times, some inconsequentialities in our past might be consequential in our life today, making us a better person today. Maybe we take a walk down the memory lane or reminiscent, do you know that out of those bags of mistakes, we can still bring out gold which will turn our life around? Yes, we certainly can become a better person. That’s better and different from wallowing in pity or feeling negative and sad. Make the best out of your mistakes. You have the opportunity of manipulating this present times so that we can mould a better future without making similar mistakes as we did in the past. Past cannot be removed or repaired but the present can be controlled, while we learn big lessons from the past. 

Thanking God for everything that makes me TINU, happy. Enjoy the rest of this evening. Smiles. #TinuTinoshow.

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