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These days, we hear a lot about some people who try to take their own life but can we explain why? If it was so easy for them to diagnose their own problem, they wouldn’t lose it in the first place. Remember once the person dies, there wouldn’t be any opportunity to rectify mistakes or live that happy life you crave for. Do not take your own life. Live it and combat any challenge. We truly need to encourage each other so that it helps those who feel low or lost. Read about a woman who parked her car on third mainland bridge, and jumped into a lagoon where she committed suicide. A woman parked her can and jumped to her death!








There is hope if you are prepared to move forward!

Before we continue, let us remember that it is not easy to just get up and grab your goal without a force or drive. Yes, that is a possible drive that can enable you to move forward or faster. you need the desire and passion that helps you achieve your goal. What do you love doing, that’s the first question to ask yourself? Once you know what you love, then you should know the reason for achieving your goal, which will be a bit easier to cope with challenges at that point! Some people might be reluctant or lazy for some reasons but hey, read this article where you have some links to motivational and encouraging steps towards the successful path.  Read about dropping lazy spirit but rather embracing self-motivation


Coping with situation and success 

You need to believe in yourself for others to appreciate your efforts. In that case, try to develop yourself and feel motivated. Try attending some business classes or events (some are free) where you can learn and network. That’s a way to develop yourself.  If you refuse to see anything good in yourself, it might slow you down or reduce your self-esteem. The minute you cope with situations and focus on fulfilling your goals, then your self-esteem will boost. To become a successful person, you need to work hard but believe in your hard work too! Click this link to be encouraged by motivational blog on    Self-motivation and development.. You need self-motivation. Whatever situation you find yourself today, please do not give up at all. Keep hoping for the best until you achieve.


Imagine a cripple young man who is one of the top barristers in Nigeria today

A crippled man who was once begging for alms on the streets of Lagos is now a celebrity and a Barrister. That’s because he was determined. You can do better too! He was once on the streets begging for alms. Richard Branson was once rejected in a club because he wore fatigue pair of jeans and wasn’t good enough for the wealthy circle. Today, he is a very wealthy man appreciated globally.


Click and read Situation and Success to understand more about becoming successful in life today, though it isn’t easy. If it is, then money will grow on trees. Smiles. No, money doesn’t grow on trees, because people strive to become comfortable in life. This should tell you that you need to forge ahead until you reach that destination you crave for. You can become whoever you wish to become once you have the tenacity. Remember the story of the crippled man who used to crawl on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria begging for alms in filthy wears and fatigue knees, who finally ameliorated himself and became a recognised and appreciated top Barrister in Nigeria. A crippled man on the streets is now a celebrity  You are a winner, keep believing that, and work towards it. I wish you well. 








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