We find out that over times we get better at topics which we spend more time in treating or learning. That is what happens when we take interest in certain areas where our skills are explored or utilised. That’s motivating yourself right there. Having the willpower to exercise your passion without anyone forcing you to do it. For example, I love talking wisely because I seize that opportunity to develop people while I learn at the same time. Also, I try to use my encouraging words to strengthen some people who feel weary or weak, I use the opportunity to share informative ideas which can improve some people and while I do that, I learn from experts who come on my show. My passion and qualities motivate me. Get motivated and use your qualities to develop your community and family. Most times I tell myself and encourage myself to move on to challenges or unforeseen situations without giving up. It becomes easy to forge on productively without wallowing in self-pity because I know my qualities and worth which should be utilised rather than rot away.  You are able to face your goals progressively with self-motivation.


Be proud of your abilities

You certainly know what you are able to do in life, don’t you? Then appreciate those abilities by putting them to practice within your community, workplace or family. When you are expected to take part in a teamwork, for instance, you will be able to exercise those abilities. With self-motivation, those abilities will be explored. 

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