What do you define as being happy? Being happy remains in your control, whether you believe it or not. Some decisions we make

will change our lives forever leaving us well satisfied or dissatisfied. When we are feeling joyful, we define that as being happy but if it’s the other side,  it’s not. It’s better for us to always think twice before making certain crucial decisions (Like financial, relationship or emotional decisions) so that it will not disrupt our happiness. Also, we should quickly allow pains, despondency, setbacks, heartbreak, turmoil or challenges to rush out of our mind, to free or unclutter our mind from the burden. Let it be an aberration rather than stumbling block which prevents an opportunity for happiness. Happiness makes you look youthful, pleasant, self-motivated and accommodating. You can be happy once you have a goal in life which you focus on through lectures, tuition, following problem-solving skills, relevant blogs, networking and putting your skills and talent to work.


Qualities of a happy person

Would you like to live in the same room with an unhappy person who is always moody or a pleasant person who gives you a friendly smile whenever you meet? It’s easy to detect if someone is happy or not, although a lot constitutes to that. A happy person will communicate with you in a friendly manner which relieves your stress. also, you will feel free to sit in the same room with a happy person knowing you receive positive messages and utterances from which will be welcoming. Happiness will lighten your day whenever you listen to a positive happy person.


Some reasons for being unhappy

Sometimes we cannot blame an unhappy person, considering a lot of factors that could have led to such unhappiness.

Factors like: 
Broken marriage/relationship
Financial instability
Erroneous decisions
Health reasons to suffice and Despondency.

Regardless of what decisions we make in LIFE, let us learn to be contented and happy wherever we are. It’s not always as it looks for some people, so don’t look at people’s wealth to condemn yourself or your partner. Be happy, turn your situation from sad to happy, and remain happy so that this world will be free of hate.
Happiness draws positives!

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TinuTino · 26 December 2017 at 9:38 PM

Be happy wherever you are!

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