Firstly, let us take into consideration that we do not all act the same or have similar symptoms regardless of the illness or condition. Some people might find it hard to cope with solving problems, or the normal things they use to enjoy in life, but they can’t put their finger on what exactly makes them feel so low to that extent. Utter feelings of despondency and worthlessness are symptoms of depression. That is the time to visit your doctor, don’t wait till it gets worse or until you feel suicidal. It might be depression or it might be something else (your therapist or doctor will know).

If you are feeling too emotional each day, feeling hopeless, helpless, sad, intolerant, unable to make a decision, irritable, tired, or unable to cope with everyday life, please speak to your doctor or therapist.  




Depression is real but can be treatable 

Depression is one of the most common mental health challenges, which affects a handful of people globally. It affects the way you think and feel. It makes some people feel low, worthless and suicidal but it can be treated, please do not panic! Depression doesn’t just disappear without you getting help from your doctor. In addition to your medication or therapy, you can dance, go for about 20 or 30 minutes brisk walk, think positively, exercise, go for positive networking, or jog. 

Untreated depression makes the prognosis worse. Seek help immediately you are unable to cope with life normally. Example of depression is exaggerating little issue making it worse and calling people derogatory names in a high tone. Another example is not embracing positive events but you enjoy exaggerating negative events or little things which might lead to conflicts or fights.


Depression and symptoms

If anyone who is suffering from depression refuses to take his or her medication, then a proper relationship will be too much for such a person to handle because their behaviour will constantly be irrational and unreasonable. The person in the relationship will not be appreciated or happy. You might try helping such patient to see a doctor but it will be better to move aside to avoid unnecessary conflict or rancour. When the patient uses his or her medication daily or frequently, both parties will be happy, while they enjoy a normal refreshing relationship.

Watch an interview with a doctor on depression

Common symptoms of depression:

  1. Feeling tearful
  2. Feeling hopeless
  3. Feeling low
  4. Feeling moody
  5. Feeling so sad each day
  6. Unable to make decisions like before
  7. Getting so irritable and intolerant.
  8. Feeling despondent
  9. Feeling worthless and suicidal

Those constant symptoms mean you need to see a doctor or therapist. At times, it could be a loss of energy, low sex drive (loss of libido), changes to your menstrual cycle in a female or even changes to appetite (loss of appetite or increased).

I am wishing you well. There are links below which will take you to a few minutes interview with our reputable psychiatrist.  



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The psychiatrist explains a diagnosis. Depression is treatable if you visit a therapist or a doctor 





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