Where does regret lead you?

Where does regret lead you?

Where does regret lead you?


Where does regret lead us?

I did it wrong or I shouldn’t have done it can turn out to be a regret. That’s what most people refer to as regret. An action you shouldn’t have taken or which you should have taken swiftly. What we forget to add is the experience gained during that period. Mostly, some people realise they can gain something good from a painful situation. Yes, while you focus on the result of your wrong decision, you can as well turn that situation to your benefit. You shouldn’t allow laziness or reluctance.

We might be too quick or too slow in making a decision but at least, we later become stronger. After regretting our wrong decision, we might feel the breeze of repentance sweeping towards us and our understanding becomes clear. To the extent that in the future, we are able to motivate those who are wrongly doing the same. In fact, our experience can be enough to save some lives.

I remember some mistakes I made as a young girl, I can boldly advice young people never to walk through such paths again. When you express sincerely out of an experience, they trust the truth.

Education is never to be brushed aside as I did at some point, but when I decided to face it squarely up to university level, I realise the mistake made back then. Today, I use my voice positively to encourage the young ones never to leave education too late. ‘Make haste when the sun shines’. You can regret an act but it never makes you a failure, it rather adds more to your experience. Make use of every opportunity to turn a mistake into a story of success. It’s better to learn from your mistakes than smother your sorrow.

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TinuTino · 23 February 2021 at 6:09 PM

Don’t regret it too much. Learn to amend mistakes,

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