It has come to that time in your life when you say No, to Laziness so that you will be free from low self-esteem and worries. You will in fact excel. TINU ODUNUGA INSPIRES

If you keep saying, tomorrow, tomorrow, unfortunately, tomorrow means not happening soon for a lazy person. It might not be your fault, so don’t beat yourself. ‘Tomorrow is a promise to no one’ Clint Eastwood! 

‘How soon, ‘not now’ becomes forever’ Martin Luther.

There are situations we face before we become successful in life but do we give up easily? No, we do not. We face situation to receive success Situation and success

Ways to stop being lazy

1, Give yourself a task which you follow each morning like a target

2, Set your alarm which will wake you up no matter how tired you felt, just get up and be active

3, Go out to search for work or attend networking to keep up with business and clients updates

4, Allow a focused mindset which you follow each day. That is you being ready to battle with challenges and trusting your judgment

5, See struggles or setbacks or disappointments as an experience which will make you a stronger person, rather than taking it a curse. Take it as part of hurdles to cross before you get to that success door

6, Rise up several times more than you fall instead of feeling sorry for yourself or instead of wallowing in self-pity. Accept that there are challenges before you can become successful. This might enlighten you. Is it easy to become successful? Cry if you want to, but wipe your tears and continue to move on until you achieve your goals. Don’t look at life and struggles as punishment but rather gains needed to achieve your goals.

7, Push away cluttered life by removing those burdens which prevent you from being active. Some things bring procrastination to your life, so one by one keep removing them. For example, it could be debts, get a job which can pay those bills and debts without looking at the fancy side of it or distance, just do it for your own benefit. Instead of lying down all day watching movies, feeling sorry for yourself, or eating or playing games, look at the bright side and just get up defiantly!

8, visualise a beautiful life which you are working towards and just be happy!

9, Look forward to a bright future and not look at your past mistakes

10, Always remember there is no good that will come out of you constantly being ‘sorry’ for yourself or ‘feeling’ sorry. Ask yourself, where-does-regret-lead/ ?

What happens when you refuse to be lazy?

When you refuse to be #lazy or #suppressed, you will #excel quicker than you expect. Although sometimes you might feel certain situations are unpleasant, it is part of the progression. Don’t relent, just keep forging ahead until you get there.#tinutinoshow

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