Before we utter any sentence, we need to think of its effect first if we do not want to put a nice person in a bad mood. Words are as delicate as eggs or plates that cannot be collected after broken, sometimes it soothes the mind and sometimes slashes the mind, depending on how we choose our words.

If we are not careful, our words can have a permanent negative effect on someone, leaving that person damaged psychologically with a scar that refuses to leave, which becomes verbal abuse. It is wise to listen compassionately to someone hurting rather than vehemently throwing harsh words at them.

Positive words

Positive words can inspire

Your kind words can ease one’s heavy mind

Your inspiring words can uplift 

Nice words can lift someone from a depressive mood

Positive words can encourage.

Negative words can hinder one from progressing, can hurt one’s mind, and can add negatively to a depressed mind. 

Can you pick words from the floor? Be careful.



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