When someone cries out for help, seems to be low in spirit,  or tells you that he or she is hurting due to any hefty problem that seems unresolved, don’t ignore them.  Such problems might be heartbreak, health, marital or financial, it is helpful to listen rather than brush it off.

Yes, the person can feel better after talking to you. Haven’t you sometimes felt better after emptying a heavy container of worries? Some people are good listeners who can make you feel better or influencers who can add value to you. 

Keep trying until you win, challenges will make you feel strong. These are great encouraging words to share with your friend or someone who is hurting, but it really makes a big difference to spare some time and listen to the person. 

Listening shows that you care. Avoid unsolicited advice and just allow them to let it out. This can make such a person feel better.

Also, avoid keeping the focus on yourself by making reference to your experience. When you focus on them they will feel cared for.

Before we discuss a few advantages listening can give, let us note that it helps when people do not give up. No matter how hard the project or task is, keep trying. 

Wherever you find yourself, try to learn more about motivational advice to facilitate your plans or strategy. 

It is imperative to keep trying as long as we have the resources to keep going on and get to that stage where we say, I have tried my best. 

Why is it imperative to keep trying until we get to our destination? The more you try, the better you become.  Try not to allow problems to overpower you.

The reason why some people hurt is when plans go wrong, but they will feel relieved when they win. 

Advantages of listening to someone who is hurting

Listening soothes the mind: The person who is hurting can feel the heavy-weight been reduced by your patience and care exhibited while you give your time in listening

Listening heals: As time goes on, the person might feel relieved

Listening to someone who is hurting will give them assurance and hope

Listening to someone who is hurting might prevent the person from committing suicide if the person is feeling lonely and depressed. The person will know that they aren’t alone

It brings laughter, rather than the person bottling so much pain in

Listening means you are supportive and caring

Try to ask how they are feeling and why? You are helping them with emotional release. Very helpful

Listening strengthens the relationship, marriage, or friendship 

Listening is fruitful, you are able to understand the person better. 

Are you a listener or a talker?


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