Sometimes, your dull mood doesn’t have to be linked to an unpleasant marriage, relationship, despondency, obstacles, or finances. No, You might be a happy comfortable married person who suddenly finds yourself in a very low corner of life.

It is not easy to get over certain problems or obstacles, but you can eventually find yourself out, only if you work towards it.

Certain things can lead to being low in spirit. Let us discuss the major reason or two that might cause someone to be in low spirit, then we will highlight some few steps that might help you move out of such a dull or low mood.


Reasons why some people are feeling low in spirit

Number one, some people might be battling with health problems that really drain their positive energy. Such people need more love and attention from both relatives and medical professionals. They might be wealthy but not healthy enough.

Being depressed is a mental health problem that leads to mood swings, low spirit, nightmares with some people, sad moods mostly if not treated and hopelessness. These are some reasons to feel low in spirit.

Heartbreak can lead to feeling low in spirit. After a broken relationship that leaves the person fatigue and sad, such person will eventually feel low in spirit.

Some people might be facing problems that are unbearable for them due to challenges involved like less funds to execute the business or less resources.

Loss in business or deals: When someone has proudly invested in a business or deal that turns out wrong, the person will feel suppression until he or she recovers from such huge loss.


To free your mind positively

Firstly, make a plan and note down all the things you wish to achieve within certain time frame.

Self-evaluation truly matters to enable you focus on your own business or work in a way to excel. Check yourself to see what you have achieved and which areas need adjustment. No one is perfect. In fact, self evaluation can enhance your ability and skills. It will help you know which area of your life needs adjustment.

It helps you nicely when you are in a group or clique with people who think productively and positively. These type of people in a clique or group can work with you on the same level so that you will not feel like you are alone.

You will need motivators who are also like role models that can help you grow positively and they are also like influencers who encourage you when your spirit is low.

I wish you all the best, but remember social distancing.

Share and send in your experience on how you lift your spirit.


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TinuTino · 4 July 2020 at 4:57 PM

Brilliant blog.

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