Life is not facing you the same way it faces your friend or someone else. That means that some people might be celebrating their success while some might unfortunately be scavenging the refuse bin for something to consume. 

That means, some people will be strong and healthy even at a ripe age but sadly, some will be frail and feeble at a younger age. You see, whatever is bothering you in life, do not give up on yourself, seek help from professionals. 

Try to accept life the way it feels with big courage that can eventually take you forward in life. I know that some problems can cause you to be depressed especially if beyond your control but take it step by step until you overpower the skills in solving those problems.

It will help if you mix with positive people who can encourage you each time you feel low in spirit as these types of people are positively needed in one’s life.



Some people today have contributed to a lot of people’s health or status either nicely or unfriendly

There is no point in pretending that the circle of friends matter in one’s life, which means that, if you want to be healthy or financially stable, you need to be watchful of the clique you belong to, toxic people might kill your dreams or leave you low in spirit. Whereas, a good clique will support your dreams until you progress.

It matters a lot to be seen with positive people and also, to have the right resources needed. For example, education, skills, ability and talents are great resources to progress. But if you feel depressed, seek help from a doctor or therapist. Don’t feel low, try to visualise and self-evaluate.

Although life is still moving on, it seems a bit strange watching and listening to certain selfish and wicked individuals who enjoy attacking and bullying people for no just reason. If you are a victim of a bully, report it to the authorities without suffering in silence.

What happened to a calmer yesterday where many people loved each other and trusted strangers? Life in the past was more peaceful with considerate people.

A world where some people had no doors and the poor were at peace with the little they had?

Why do you think life is not kind to some people? Life might not face you kindly not because you are a bad egg no, it simply means your resources are different from others, your circle of friends is divergent and also, we are different. Either way, be happy and contented. 

Wishing you the best.

Share and try to give your reasons why life treats us differently.

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