In life, everyone has one issue, challenges, or battle he or she is coping with, which means we are all humans.

Be kind

It is reasonable and humane to be civil and kind to almost everyone you meet. Don’t forget to give the benefit of the doubt, otherwise, you might wrongly accuse innocent people of something they have no knowledge of. 

Life is ephemeral.

Don’t judge people quickly 

You know we easily judge from people’s updates on social media, thinking everything is going on so well for them. Not in all cases. If someone has a medical problem which is life-threatening, how would you know? 

An example is this; a friend who once opened a bottle of pink champagne to celebrate me stopped replying my text messages until I heard of his demise the following month! 

In fact, I was thinking he deliberately refused to reply to me. so, you see, you never know what’s going on with others.

This reminds me of a Facebook friend who used to chat with me on Facebook for a while. until it was unfortunately announced that he was battling with a stroke which killed him. 

I enjoy impacting lives sincerely

Among other activities, I enjoy feedback from people who inform me of the positive message my blog, stories, encouraging words and updates give them. Some people say, please keep being good because we are learning from you Tinu.

You can only feel and see what is happening to you alone, not anyone else. While you think someone is hating you, ignoring you or not replying you, the person might be battling with his or her own hidden issues.

Life is not as easy as we think it is for everyone. Let us remember others who are battling with one thing or two in life.

We need each other!


BJO · 19 October 2017 at 10:57 PM

Life is full of vicissitudes. It comes with creation. Nobody knows where trouble lies. Sometimes one is down, sometimes one is up. No one is free from the troubles of life. Live everyday as your last. Make use of everyday. Do good. Be kind. Be patient. The Bible warned us: Don’t worry about tomorrow, today’s problems are enough. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

    TinuTino · 20 October 2017 at 4:20 PM

    I concur fully with you there BJO. Yes, we are not free from troubles of life, hence the reason for understanding each other. It is good to be kind.
    Thank you.

Kwamla · 22 October 2017 at 9:11 AM

My understanding and appreciation is different Tinu. Perception IS Reality!

Just reading your post shows this. We form our perceptions based on what we think and believe we know. For us that is the reality. We believe everyone around us shares the same perception as us. It’s true they do. But they also share their own perceptions and these can and do override those shared perceptions.

Racism is a classic example of this: the recent FA and Eni Aluko case.

Life can seem ephemeral and on this level when we reflect on what we perceived to be the reality then discover someone else’s reality! So at this level It is!

However, how we feel and what we experience will always remain Real, based on our own individual perceptions, to us… ?

Its our beliefs that are always influencing our perceptions. When we truly change these our reality can shift accordingly.

But how many of us believe we need to do that?

Those in the FA certainly don’t!

    TinuTino · 22 October 2017 at 3:49 PM

    Kwama, i appreciate your response.
    Looks can deceive, don’t forget that. How can that be reality, since we perceive differently? It can’t make all those around share synonymous perception about certain things, i am certain. Especially things visualised or imagined. The reason why perception is not reality simply lies on the fact that we think differently and our understanding isn’t the same.
    I agree that what we feel and experience remains real. Smiles. Tinu Odunuga.

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