I am going to discuss the traits of a toxic person while you will also read more about ways to leave a toxic life and start being happy. It is imperative to understand more about the negative effect of toxicity. We need to be happy whatever decision we make in life, without negative thoughts that can cloud progressive results.

We should ask ourselves what happens to a toxic person the day he or she retires, knowing that one day, the table will turn around. Unfortunately, good-hearted people might have been hurt badly by negative or venomous utterances from a toxic person.


Who exactly are those toxic people and what damage can they cause if they are within your circle?

A toxic person, to begin with, is someone who might have been hurt or abused in the past which has left hate in his or her heart. Such a person spreads hate and negatives rather than sweetness and positives. They can divert you from your focus if you remain wrapped in their group or clique. 

You will find out that they feel jealous of your success instead of being happy for you, especially if they cannot acquire it.

They never encourage you except bring you down, you don’t need that if you have a project or goal to achieve.

If you are the person who never sees anything fantastic in people or who is always jealous of people’s success, then please speak to a counsellor.



Traits of a toxic person 

Note that a toxic person will never be excited when you celebrate or rejoice sometimes, rather they might discourage you or feel bitter. Such people will condemn good news about you,  but cheerfully and gleefully spread the news about your mistakes. They are like thorns! 




These people are almost everywhere you turn today, don’t bother too much if they hurt your feelings.

  1. They could be pretentious and fake
  2. They lack empathy
  3. They are gossipy
  4. They are untrustworthy
  5. A toxic person is intimidating and manipulating
  6. They have no respect for your feelings
  7. They will cross your boundaries without feeling remorseful
  8. They backbite and discourage you from self-motivation and development 
  9. A toxic person might not be as endowed knowledgeably or financially as you, but that doesn’t prevent him or her from slandering you each time you are been appreciated by others
  10. You will feel exhausted or angry while with a toxic person or after an interaction with one of them.


Avoid a toxic person

Can you see why you should avoid a toxic person who is filled with envy and bitterness, they forget that what goes around will come around one day? They are blatantly dangerous to be friends with. I am sure some of their qualities which I described up there might be familiar to some people.

They want one thing, that is to bring a successful person down by all means, to the extent that they can drain one’s energy to zero level if the door is left open for them. 

A toxic person is not someone who should be allowed as a friend in your team or clique for some reason. If care is not taken, they can leave a negative effect on one’s brain.

It is said that the law of karma takes its cause on toxic people when they retire.

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What is your experience with a toxic person?



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