We are susceptible to feeling low or down now and again, at the same time, we have the ingredients to rise up again.  It is imperative to remain happy. Isn’t that healthy?

Some people operate on a divergent wavelength than ours, which leaves them feeling happier than others. They turn negative situations to positive as they always jump up feeling happy and contented. I am sure you and I will have a happy friend like that!

Do you sometimes wonder why some people are always jumping up, feeling happy, unlike those people who always complain about many things in life or feel moody? It really depends on your belief, thoughts, and mindset, that is why some people truly decide to remain positive without allowing problems or challenges to cloud their happy mood.


Let me lay some points down.

Let’s quickly delve into the reasons why some people are happier than others. 

Firstly, What are those recipes that make people happy? For instance, when you are a contented person, then you would not be bothered much if you aren’t as wealthy or rich as you expect. You will understand the reasons for accepting life the way it turns out for you. Some people are not that buoyant as you are, but they are happy. You will realise a lot when such a person cannot afford all she or he needs, but such a person will still be happy. Unlike that person who expects everything to happen at once, they will not be happy.

A contented person will always be happier than someone who is not contented since such a person will always appreciate situations and try to accept with a joyful heart until things get better. 

Another reason is having a belief: It could be a religious belief or any adapted belief that gives some people strong hope of positive expectations. They will acclimatise to any situation they find themselves but still remain happy.

Thoughts: Our thinking also matters. the way we think or reason can either make us happy or unhappy. When we think of how great the future will be, we can be happy.  If you believe things will get better because you can work hard, then you will be happy.

Choice of friends: IF they are with the right set of people and not toxic people who will bring them down by discouraging them, why wouldn’t they happy? That’s another good reason to remain happier.

Another reason why some people are happier than others is that they seem positive amidst struggles.

Finally, whatever situation you find yourself, be happy and focused.

Share and let me know how you keep yourself happy.



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TinuTino · 21 January 2020 at 5:43 AM

As a positive person, it makes life more colourful and meaningful, which makes me happy.

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