We are not new to this pandemic that has claimed too many lives and leaving over 1 million people affected worldwide. This has led to strict measures including the lockdown of businesses, the lockdown of services, the lockdown of religious meetings, lockdown of social gatherings at concerts, pubs, or cinemas.

Yes, it is the gospel truth that it is so boring staying indoors but aren’t we glad that we save lives, during this time? Imagine innocent people who have lost their lives like babies, grannies, parents, and even front-liners who risked their lives to save others? It is so sad that anyone had to die. May their souls rest in peace.




What are the main five things that can enhance our knowledge during this lockdown

During this lockdown that is one of the major precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, there are a few steps one can take to enhance oneself. Don’t forget that while enhancing yourself, you will become valuable and useful to those who can tap from your talents, resources, abilities, and qualities. This will even make you become a good role model after we see the end of the pandemic.

Five productive things

  1. The first thing is to sit down and take note of all your achievements, plans and mistakes (Self-evaluation). This makes me proactive and positive
  2. Clear your mind from negative thoughts and try to relax a lot. Try meditation if you enjoy the tranquility and peace
  3. Start an online tutorial if you need to motivate and develop yourself since you need self-development
  4. By now, you would have realised those abilities, qualities, and talents in you, so it is time to monetise online, by post or over the telephone. You can post your samples if for instance you made a hand-made artwork that needs to be sent to a buyer who has paid online or over the telephone. Take note that this does not apply to everyone as some people have passed the earning age. All they need to do is to relax, enjoy and exercise.
  5. You may try reading some books or literature that will boost your understanding and knowledge of subjects of interest. 
  6. This is time to relax your mind and calm down from all those long hours to and fro during official times, and long hours driving back home or sitting on a train or bus/cab on your way home. It is time to get rid of stress and anger. 

Extra activities during lockdown if you need outdoor fresh air. 

You may try planting some flowers, vegetables or even clearing your garden. There are a few interesting things to do in the garden with your spouse or partner if there is no health restriction. This is for those who have a garden.

Also, look around the house and see any improvement or cleaning that needs to be done

As we all know the importance of good health, if at all you need to take a short walk in this case, don’t forget your mask, hand sanitiser, and washing your hands for 20 seconds immediately you return home. Also, take off all your clothes and put them in a bag to be washed immediately.

During your walk, avoid touching people and keep social distancing. Though it is better to walk around the house and garden without leaving the house.

 Avoid touching your face and mouth.

I wish you all the best as you stay safe indoors.

Share and discuss your experience during this lockdown to prevent the consternation of coronavirus.







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