There are some few questions that come to my mind whenever I discuss stress. The first question is, what leads to stress, can stress make you look older, and can stress lead to depression? Stress can be a sign of depression, so speak to your doctor. The answer to those three questions is Yes Yes Yes (unfortunately)! How do we get stressed? Let’s begin by saying this; when you overwork yourself without considering taking a break, you can get stressed? When problems need a resolution, you get stressed if you can’t solve it.  When you worry too much without giving your brain enough breathing space, you get stressed. Start by trusting your judgment and be full of the grit and determination of making yourself happy. When you are happy and not stressed, you are improving your wellbeing!






A few points to take on board if you wish to relieve stress

The first thing to do is feeling positive and happy. I know some people aren’t happy because they are carrying burdens on their mind, such as pains or regrets which means they can’t forgive what someone might have done to hurt them or they regret their past or actions. If you can forgive whoever wronged you, your mind will be free from clutter caused by worries and pains. Feel positive believing things will improve. That is the first step.


Points to note for relieving stress

Feel positive: Think of good things and achievements

Read positive blogs on how to live a better life (like this)

Be happy: Be contented where you are today so that you will be happy in any situation

Be determined: Cross all hurdles of challenges or battles without giving up

Exercise more often: Exercising has been proven to combat stress

Attend events and networking: Meet positive minded people to discuss, merry, learn and share ideas

Move away from a wrong clique of toxic or negative people

You can go to the cinema to watch a funny movie or whatever you choose to watch

Meet good friends who always encourage you and those who see the best in you.



How to relieve anger

We all get angry at some point but some people are really scary and extreme when they get angry. This blog is not meant to judge but to help someone out. If you know anyone who gets really uncontrollably angry, kindly share this blog with the person or if the person is you, please read and comment.

What do you do when you get angry? I personally will talk about it before I lose my temper and begin to talk on and on or shout about it for a few minutes until I am satisfied. The good thing is, I forgive quickly and easily, but never forget.

When some people begin to act destructively, by breaking valuable things, throwing dangerous items at others, threatening with knives, guns or threatening to pour hot water or acid on someone, the person needs to see a doctor. We are talking about two basic and common anger which is shouting or silent treatment, which is you ignoring your friend or partner. 

When someone gets you angry, the first thing is to try not to talk at that point to avoid saying harsh or wrong words. You do know that when we humans are angry, our utterances might belittle some people or hurt someone’s mind. Words are as delicate as eggs, once broken, we can never put together again. 


Points to note if you wish to relieve anger

When someone gets you angry, try not to spew all words that come to mind at that time

Move away from that situation and calm yourself down

Try counting one to ten (1-10) when you are angry

You can watch your favourite program, news, or drama on TV or listen to a good music until your mind is relaxed

Speak to the person or send a text to express yourself or mood but make sure you keep a happy mind while texting or speaking to the person.

Go to your plan book or diary to begin to read more positive plans which you have ahead of you. That will keep your mind positive and productive

When you are angry, your mind will be cluttered with negatives, so leave your mind positive. Think of sweet events and future sweetness

Go for a stroll and concentrate on happy events 

Visualise your goals ahead of you, taking your mind away from the scene that causes you anger.

We can relieve ourselves from stress and anger in various ways which please us without following a specific sequence, so why not remain happy and positive?

Reading more on self-development also helps you from being angry always

Share my blog, leave a comment and follow. How do you relieve yourself from stress and anger, send in your stories?






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