It has been reported by the NHS England that a further 569 people have died of coronavirus in the UK, after testing positive. They were aged between 22 and 100, though 44 out of them had no underlying health condition.

The numbers of people who died within 24 hours were added to the previous numbers bringing the death toll to 2.921 deaths, unfortunately. 

The fear is that not everyone shows symptoms of the virus and thousands might not have been tested since they are asymptomatic. This means that thousands of people with covid-19 might be moving about and spreading it inadvertently.



The United Kingdom testing

According to the department of health, 163.194 people have been tested today, 2nd of April, 2020, of which 33.718 have tested positive for coronavirus.

Health minister, Matt Hancock has vowed to up the screening to reduce the spread.

Please remember to take precautionary measures stated here. 

Save lives and stay at home.




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