Nadine Dorries, a junior health minister in the united kingdom has been tested positive for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) recently. 

She explained that she has taken all necessary precautions immediately she was tested positive with the pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives around the world.  

Dorries has got in contact with hundreds of people

Dorries has met with hundreds of members of parliament last week, including a meeting with Boris Johnson, the prime minister. The health minister narrated how public health England has begun contact tracing.

Matt Hancock, Britain’s health minister tweeted, on how sorry he was, and she’s done the right thing by self-isolating home.

Today in the United Kingdom, the case of infected people has risen from 319 to 373. Meaning, 373 people are infected with coronavirus in the united kingdom.

This pandemic started in China, blatantly spreading to Italy, the UK, Germany, Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and many other countries worldwide.

Numbers of Covid-19 cases in Nigeria and other countries.

According to the World health organisation, over 100.000 people are affected worldwide, though the virus is subsiding and in some cases, reversed.

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