Today in Nigeria, many people will agree that the health system in the country needs to be thoroughly investigated and improved. 

Before I discuss the appalling state of the health system in Nigeria, let me remind you of Boko haram terrorists that kill innocent people weekly, unemployment, kidnappings, and crimes. These challenges have a heavy-weight on the trust people have for the government.

How will they trust the government on provisions to prevent the drastic spread of coronavirus? Can the government tackle the blatant case of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Nigerians are inundated with dozens of problems like epilepsy electricity, unemployment, rise in suicide rates, kidnappings, killings, poor governance, insecurity, corruption, religious and tribal conflicts, the banning of cyclists and maruwa, and appalling health system to suffice!

Sadly, more than 70% of the government hospitals in Nigeria are in a state where most patients might not receive adequate health care due to challenges and underequipped hospitals.

Without a doubt, Nigeria has the best medical team worldwide but don’t forget that almost half of them are practicing abroad, some of those in Nigeria are overstretched with responsibilities and challenges. 



The first person reported with coronavirus in Nigeria

An Italian passenger who flew into Lagos from Milan, on the 25th of February has been tested with severe coronavirus but they said he is stable, according to Nigerian authorities. He is been taken care of at infectious disease hospital, Yaba, Lagos.

My worry now is that who will support or help patients and families who are even struggling to live on £2 a week? Have you seen the state of half of the loos and bathrooms in Nigeria?

Nigerian health authorities have advised people to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water while they daily use alcohol-based hand sanitiser. 

We can only hope for the best since Nigeria was praised for containing the Ebola outbreak in 2014 which killed over eleven thousand people in West Africa.

I wish patients quick recovery wherever they are in the world while I thank all the medical teams working round the clock.


Symptoms of coronavirus, though symptoms might not mean you have it.

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. High temperature
  3. Cough

Symptoms are similar to that of flu or cold.





Coronavirus in the United Kingdom and other countries

Don’t forget that COVID-19 started in China where the outbreak has now killed over 2.744 people.

In the United Kingdom, there are 19 cases of patients with coronavirus.

A British man on Diamond Princess cruise ship has died from coronavirus in Japan.

The first victim in Wales with coronavirus had just returned from Italy and two others who are being treated in the United Kingdom have recently returned from Iran. 

In nine Middle Eastern countries, about 79.000 (seventy-nine) cases reported worldwide, alarming! 

Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, and Oman have reported cases of coronavirus. This deadly CORAVID-19 has killed thousands of people globally. 

Turkey,  Iran, Armenia, and Pakistan have closed their borders where medical authorities reported cases of 12 deaths and infections of 69 cases of COVID-19.

The National Health Commission announced that China has reported 150 new death on Sunday, the 23rd of February. Wuhan remains in total lockdown where coronavirus started.

Worldwide, the death rate rose to 2,595 while 77,262 cases confirmed, this is the report from the World Health Organization. Source; Internet.

Share and comment. What is the best way to contain COVID-19?






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