Seventy-seven Nigerians are facing indictment over the fraud of millions of dollars in Los Angeles. EFCC chairman has vowed to expose others

It is rather unfortunate that 77 Nigerians have been indicted and disgraced by the FBI in Los Angeles, the United States of America, over the fraud of millions of dollars. It beats me how Nigerians aren’t even ashamed or scared of hefty sentence or death penalty over deadly crimes like drug trafficking, murder, let’s suffice which has claimed lives of massive numbers of Nigerians abroad over the years, up till last week. That doesn’t act as a deterrent, yet multiple more culprits are surfacing with ‘I don’t care attitude’ or lackadaisical behaviour which pushes them to life-imprisonment a firing squad.

Now, imagine these lazy and heartless 77 Nigerians who added more embarrassment to the tainted image of Nigeria?




The story of 77 fraudulent Nigerians indicted by the FBI

A 252-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed on Thursday, charged 77 Nigerian citizens with the involvement in the ginormous conspiracy to defraud innocent people of millions of dollars via various fraudulent strategy through a list of Los Angeles based money laundering network, which was confirmed by the FBI.

Some of the men are based in Nigeria, Los Angeles, and other countries where they practice fraud through scams like; scamming the elderly, romance scam (where they pick on innocent women only to scam them of their life-savings and leave them heartbroken), online scams and other dubious means.

‘The indictment was unsealed after law enforcement authorities arrested 14 defendants across the USA. Valentine Iro, 31, and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, 38, were arrested for alleged involvement in schemes resulting in the fraudulent transfer of at least $6 million in fraudulently obtained funds, and the overall conspiracy was responsible for the attempted theft of at least an additional $40 million’ (source; Internet ).


EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu promised to expose them

As soon as the news broke out, the chairman of economic and financial crime commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu has promised to work closely with the FBI in order to expose all the suspects without leaving any stone unturned. He claimed EFCC will not allow those fraudulent people to dent Nigeria’s image.

Is Nigeria dying or getting better by day?  It is time we rebuild and implement. What is the way forward to a better Nigeria?

Be careful who you trust online.
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