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Deteriorating state or good? Can you see any development in Nigeria so far? After sixty years of been independent can you point to three major development or advantage of independence such as free health care for the elderly or poor citizens? Free education for students from the less advantaged background? Feel free to add any three development. 

History of Nigeria 

The federal republic of Nigeria commonly referred to as ‘NIGERIA’ is a federal republic in West Africa.  There are 36 states in it and the capital territory lies in Abuja. This country is a democratic country with several speaking languages and over 180 million population. Although the major languages are Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Urhobo, Edo, Kanuri, Fulfulde and pidgin.  It is endowed with natural resources such as Shea butter.

Let me remind you that Nigeria was ruled by British colonial masters for sixty years, until October 1st, 1960, the day Nigeria gained independence. Nigeria contains more historic cultures and empires than any other nation in Africa. 

Today, It will be unfair and selfish for anyone living in Nigeria today to give a false account of any vivid development in those two areas mentioned above. Our survey shows over 80% of people there denied any development in the health system and education sector. Some described the health system as a treacherous path. In fact, I find it hard to swallow that Nigerian government will refuse to prioritise basic amenities like constant electricity, equipped government hospitals, free education for poor students, roads and employment for graduates and unemployed. 


What are the advantages of independence?

To enjoy a good Nigeria, we need to condemn police brutality and intimidation from some government officials on innocent people and corruption. Do not encourage porous services from the government but rather support any competent leader.  Happy independence day to all Nigeria around the globe.

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A. T. Danmola · 3 October 2017 at 8:14 PM

Nigeria is a young country. We should be looking at potentials of development going forward. I see Nigeria having all those developments some day and good leaders getting it right with those Millennials that will develop the country with the help of ICT. Nigeria and Africa have the biggest millennials that can influence and get things right. They already started with mobile technology developments like software for various uses. Thank God for Baba liberalizing communication sector and NCC staying on track.

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