My question to many people who claim to be educated is this; is it too much for them to flush the loo after use and wipe the seat? Whenever I visit Nigeria, the truth is that I feel reluctant to use most loos, especially public ones. Surf through google or ask some Nigerians who will confirm how filthy many loos are. Including loos at universities, government organisations, Some TV stations, schools, public hospitals, and some homes, to suffice. There are too many challenges in Nigeria already.



Don’t be lazy, clean and flush your loo!

This is the time Nigerians must take sanitation & hygiene seriously. A lot of Nigerians do not care about the maintenance of both personal and public lavatory. Many loos are like those filthy ones you can never imagine, even worse. Some people are lazy and ignorant of flushing and cleaning their own loo talk less of public ones. They will leave their mess or urine without flushing which is inappropriate. Their excuse is lack of water but can’t they make sure they get some water? Some will not even wash their dirty hands after use. 

While some lazy females leave used or soiled sanitary pads on the floor or in the loo without flushing it, some lazy men will urinate on the floor and seat, without wiping it off. They eventually cause an unpleasant smell and spread unfriendly bacteria.


Way forward to clean loos

Make sure you have enough water and anti-bacterial agents like bleach and air-freshener to keep the clean lavatory and environment smelling fresh. It will also help if you put up a sign for people to understand the importance of maintaining such cleanliness. Leave enough wipes, loo-paper, and soap there too.


A lot of hotels, private hospitals, and restaurants in Nigeria are fitted with clean loos

I must commend those hotels, private hospitals, and restaurants where very clean loos are fitted. In fact, you will feel so relaxed and happy to keep it clean after use. The key players in the management are not complaining of less water, so why can’t every organisation and home learn to remain clean? After reading an article and seeing filthy loos from a government-owned Television station in Nigeria, I feel it is time to mention it here too, even though I discussed it years ago!

Keep your loos cleans and wash your hands after using it. 

Leave your comments and post videos and photos before and after, if you would like this mentioned on TV or within the group. 





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