Theresa May says, to serve as the prime minister has been the greatest thing

Theresa Mary May; born 1 October 1956) is a British politician serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, serving since 2016; May is scheduled to tender her resignation to the Queen on 24 July 2019. (Source; Internet).

Today, July 24th, Wednesday, Theresa Mary May has finally resigned as the prime minister which lasted for three years, though it could have been a story of success. Don’t forget she was the second woman prime minister in the United Kingdom (U K), replacing David Cameron. She surely broke records there.  Did Theresa May achieve tremendously or not?

During her speech which was motivating and distinctive, she made her appreciation vividly clear as she thanked everyone who had faith in her during the days she served as prime minister. She said it has been the greatest thing to serve. Theresa has always determinedly stated that she will one day become prime minister.  





Theresa Mary May has given her best but was it good enough?

Theresa May is the first to lead the country out of the E.U (European Union) after its historic Brexit referendum, in June 2016.

Surviving in almost impossible circumstances; She stood her ground during tough times by being positive to withstand unbearable situations

She became a leader through leadership contest, not after a general election 

Theresa May is the second female prime minister in the United Kingdom


Let us look at the low side

Theresa May became less popular to many people since she resumed office

The turmoil of Brexit had lost her many key members 

December was more of a challenging month 

She had more of her key members resigned in comparison to Tony Blair or Margret Thatcher in 10 years 

May’s popularity fell flat to really low in May before the EU elections surfaced

All four of the cabinet minister did leave over the unresolved issue of Europe

There’s been a division within her cabinet from a long time

Some of her colleagues find her to be a difficult woman who is rigid and inflexible. 

Theresa May will now have time to focus on her hobbies such as cooking, listening to music, occasional mountain climbing, and some others, since she is intensively a private woman. She says Philip has been her closest companion and best friend, according to her.

May bids farewell before Boris Johnson becomes the new prime minister in the United Kingdom. Number 10 downing street is now Boris’s new home. 

Share your opinions here. Can Boris Johnson lead the U.K out of Brexit safely without hefty regrets or would you have preferred someone else in number 10?


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TinuTino · 24 July 2019 at 8:31 PM

Congratulations to Boris Johnson.

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