Love turns to heartbreak


At what stage does love turn sour which might leave a happy person to be heartbroken?

According to this research, I stumbled on recently, it states that: “Falling in love is associated with certain chemical reactions occurring in the brain. Therefore, we mostly refer to the first signs of love and attraction as chemistry. This explains why some men can stay in a relationship for weeks, months and years without taking it to the next level. Scientific research, as well as multiple human brains, clearly demonstrate that a man can be attracted to a woman, date her and have sex with her regularly without ever falling in love with her” (Source: Internet). Now, we can see that some men will profess true love to some women without being truthful about it. But sadly, if the woman has fallen in love with such a man due to the man’s kindness that’s it. Meanwhile, all the man wanted at that time could be good sex, pampering or companion.

Avoid unclear men and men should avoid unclear women

Compatibility is imperative to glue other ingredients together. Being compatible is easy to read on the first day. The signs are so glaring (you both will be on the same page, you will have a lot in common, you both will appreciate each other’s suggestions and you both will enjoy complementing each other). So why stick to a relationship which is not working out? Your best might not be appreciated if you are with the wrong person! Chemistry is similarities between two parties in love, is the chemistry visible? Then you are with your choice. That right person will make you laugh a lot, while you feel free with him or her.  There will be synonymous thoughts too.  Everything just clicks both emotionally and mentally.  Those are some clear signs to take note of. Also, avoid a negative or toxic person.

Love is so sweet and subtle. It is a natural force that can never be bent or forced but it happens naturally. It affects both mental and emotional states. You can’t help who to fall in love with sometimes.  Don’t force it, drag, lie or fake it because it happens naturally.

Open your eyes to be certain you are with the right choice.
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