A day like this makes many people happy. I remember when I was in the right age to talk to guys, we used to write love letters on colourful papers with lovely roses or flowers printed on each. We will use special pens to write love letters to express our love for that special person. That was very special, just imagining those sweet words privately back then meant true love on valentine’s day? It did uplift my mood! Smiles. 



Valentine’s day back then was always cherished with roses and love letters only

You see, it is always advisable to think twice before you decide who exactly you want to fall in love with so that each day of your life, you will feel like a new person. Being with a wrong person might lead to depression or unhappy mood. When you are with the right person, it will be easier to express yourselves and feelings towards each other. A pensive romantic message on a paper can bring more laughter than gifts sometimes. We appreciated red roses and a kiss in those days but today, it seems love isn’t appreciated that much. Showing that special appreciation to your loved one on valentine’s day will ignite peace and gladness.






Love with your head and sound mind

When you say, I love you to a person, please make sure you mean it wholeheartedly, or else, you can cause a heartbreak which will be hard to amend. Love is expressing your sincerity and tender kindness towards your partner or spouse, in a way that enhances the person’s happiness. it is a deep feeling of affection and tenderness! Love can be described as a kind of freshwater which can quench your thirst each time you drink from that same jar each day without running dry. February 14th might be set aside for celebrating love and appreciating your loved one but at the same time, charity is another type of love (Agape love). As a matter of fact, it is the greatest love. You can choose to help the sick or homeless people by showing support and care. At the same time, it is nice to set February 14th aside to take time to shower your loved one with a special love that will make him or her happier and fulfilled. Don’t overdo it, just be yourself and be contented. 

A glass of water with peace of mind is better than a glass of champagne with disaster. Be contented and happy. #tinutinoshow (By Tinu Odunuga).
Be happy with whoever you choose and stay with each other, come rain or sunshine.
Happy Valentine’s day.
Love is sharing and caring for that special person.
I  love you.

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TinuTino · 14 February 2019 at 6:35 PM

Happy valentine’s day.

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