I believe that the way some people reason or think could be part of what they grew up to understand. It is imperative that parents should find time to explain a lot of things to their children and discipline them. When you do so, such children will grow up to understand what is good from what is wrong.  Can you imagine this, you visit some friends where a kid of about 13years of age snatches a bar of chocolate from an adult without apologising or even feeling remorseful for that irritating behaviour? Instead, the parent said, that’s okay Bob, or Shade, the kid is still young? What are you instilling in that kid? If you disciplined such kid to learn from wrong and right that kid will contribute positively to the society. If not, the opposite happens, which can affect such a kid’s future too. 


When you are contented, you will be bold

Ever since I was growing up as a little girl, I have understood the importance of contentment. No matter how things might seem tough at times, I am okay with life, in fact sometimes I get happy because I am hopeful. Where I find myself, with boldness, I attend wisely and confidently. Being greedy for things you cannot afford at that particular time might put you in an uncomfortable place. Do not lose your morals over things you cannot afford, Do not feel jealous when your friends are doing better than you and do not envy those who are making waves. Be bold, satisfied and contented until you can afford all you need. Don’t give up!

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