Davido updates his marital status on Wikipedia after paying Chioma’s bride price.

It was earlier reported in November last year that the singer secretly got married to Chioma a month after the death of their only son, Ifeanyi Adeleke. This was done in the traditional wedding way, in Chioma’s father’s house without cameras allowed and only a few family friends.

The son’s death was the reason why Davido could not perform his Umunna rites. As such, according to Igbo culture, he and Chioma weren’t properly married or accepted as a married couple.

Davido has now finally paid Chioma’s bride price known as the Umunna in full at Ezeala Odu, Imo State, on the 5th of January, Thursday, 2023. This has been trending on social media. 

Congratulations to them.

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