It’s for our own good to remain positive. Being positive and remaining positive comes with a hefty hard work. Remember,  a lazy person cannot win a heavy race. 

Some people will ask me these questions : Tinu, why do you always smile and secondly, why do you refuse to take things too serious?  It doesn’t mean I’m not serious neither does it mean i don’t cry like every other human being.  It rather means that I  have decided to remain positive and hopeful while I never give up on my dreams .

Some people who aren’t positive will choose to be toxic.  How does it feel to live with a toxic person who never believes you can make a head way? Exonerate yourself from their group.  Such people discourage you mostly,  while they put your mind off hope! You need that hope and assurance which keeps you going. Journey of success might come with  challenges or disappointment sometimes, but the end is rewarding.  

Tinu’s four out of eight secrets to remaining positive!

1, Take note that you need an incentive to keep you revisiting your plans or projects frequently. 

2, Remain focused by setting your eyes directly on your goal, regardless turmoil which might surface at any stage

3, Remain resilient, so you will almost feel that immunity which builds you firmly throughout those dark times. 

4, Never expect too much from whoever promises to support or assist you. Although,  it’s wise to look on the bright side. This helps you to strategically face plan B whenever their promise fails.

Bring positive helps you live hopefully in life.

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Part two of Tinu’s four out of  eight secrets to remaining positive will be out soon!

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TinuTino · 31 December 2017 at 10:09 PM

Very intuitive

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