In part one, we discussed the four aspect which are Incentive, Focus, Resilience and Flexibility but here in the second part, all the eight secrets to remain positive will be outlined and explained  reasonably!
Let us start by adding the first secrets which are in part one of below. 
Below are the full eight secrets to remain positive as we continue our journey through successful path!
  1. Fearlessness 
  2. Assertion
  3. Resilience 
  4. Flexibility 
  5. Incentive
  6. Focus 
  7. Pragmatism 
  8. Impetus
  • Assertion: You should believe that all your sweat, efforts and research has a firm base . A bold believe that will enable others to believe in you, your products, business and service/s. 
  • Pragmatism:Allow your mind to be free and open sensibly, so that you will be able to handle situations quite fair and ideologically. 
  • Impetus:  Yes, it is easy to enjoy success when it finally lands, but don’t you know that every successful person had to endure pains? Allow that energy to keep you going so that you will quickly rise after any fall.
  • Fearlessness: Some people are afraid of moving on to hectic challenges in case it doesn’t turn out well. I don’t think we should be afraid of taking risks which might turn profitable at the end of the day. Face it squarely believing it will end well. Don’t doubt your worth or ability.  

Yep, those are Tinu Odunuga’s  (  )   eight secrets to remain positive. I’ve been following them over many years now.

Don’t forget to exonerate yourself from toxic group/s of people who will either discourage you from achieving your goal or those who put others down frequently. 
Hold your smiles and be ready to share always.  That smile reminds you of achievements, rewards,  success and goals awaiting you.
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