Death claimed more lives in the year 2020 than in preceding years.
It is not a wrong conclusion that more people died last year, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic as the main cause,  though some of them died of factors unknown. 
This is proof that life is ephemeral.
More people are still dying presently in this year, 2021.
We cannot forget that a lot of those who died from coronavirus did have other ailments or underline medical conditions. 
Some causes of death are natural deaths, wars, killings, or medical conditions.
End of July 2020, there have been 646.949 deaths worldwide, in 32 countries and 4 major cities. Those numbers are higher today.

Worldwide cases of covid-19 2021

Today, there have been 117M total cases worldwide, England 3.7M cases, 4.22M cases in the united kingdom and 125K deaths in the UK, out of those cases, 2.6M deaths occurred and 66.4M recovered (source: internet).
We cannot compare the large numbers of those who have died in the preceding years to the last year 2020, and this year 2021. Immense numbers of people died in the UK, USA, Nigeria, India, China, Italy, Spain, and other countries from covid-19.

 People died without taking any valuable item with them

I believe it is time to have a cavernous rethink of what life is, seeing the way people are dying today without warning. 
Who takes their possessions with them when they die? We came to this planet with nothing and will leave with zilch, which should be an eye-opener for us.
It is time to reflect on our lives and begin to make amendments where we have made mistakes, while we check our character.
I know that this will be difficult to answer especially when no one has died before. We are not ready to die either. The question is, do people know they will die before giving up the ghost?
Recently,  someone told me that a friend who was a prominent politician died a few weeks ago. I mean, is that really how people just die?
A doctor lost 48 colleagues and family members to covid-19 so far. That is really heartbreaking. 
Many people have lost their loved ones to covid-19.
Keep following precautions and keep social distancing.
My wish is that none of us will die young. 
Imagine all those who have died, they went naked without taking a pin with them. Let us allow our conscience to remind us to be cautious. Life is ephemeral, as people are dying daily.
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